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2¾ Qt. Décor Copper & Brass Fondue Set w/6 Forks - Item #764


2¾ Qt. Décor Copper & Brass Fondue Set w/6 Forks - Item #764


2¾ Qt. Décor Copper & Brass Fondue Set. Versatile fondue set suitable for all making all styles of fondue: meat, cheese and chocolate fondue. It’s also great for serving hot dips and can be used as a small chafing dish to keep foods warm. Includes splatter shield & 6 color coded fondue forks with stay cool wooden handles. Adjustable fuel holder takes standard "Sterno" type gel fuel canisters (not included).  Instructions included. 

Item #764

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  • Impress your guest with this unique copper finished fondue set
  • Set of six forks makes it easy to share. Each fork has a different color tip, making it easy to identify when sharing.
  • Perfect for your favorite fruits, cheese, breads or even meats.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. 
  • Forks have long handles to make dipping and lifting easier.