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Elegant Servware

"Baroque" Solid Copper Oval Tray - Item #267

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"Baroque" Solid Copper Oval Tray - Item #267


Our curvy Baroque-style copper tray, with it's intricate cast brass handles and feet, will add an elegant touch to your entertaining or just look stunning gracing a table or sideboard.  

  1. Item # 267
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  •  Ideal for serving a round of cocktails or offering hors d'oeuvres at a party, this versatile tray is handcrafted for us by the master coppersmiths of Moradabad, India,  where fine metal crafting dates back to the 1800's. 

  • Highly-polished solid copper is treated with a durable clear finish so this tray will keep it's shine for years with no tedious polishing. 

  • Solid brass handles and feet are cast and finished by hand,  add style and substance. 

  • Nicely sized tray measures 21" x 12.5"  and is 3.25" in height. 

  • Wipe clean with warm damp cloth and hand dry.