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Moscow Mule Mugs

Jumbo Hammered Solid Copper Mug, 128 Oz. - Item #3485H


Jumbo Hammered Solid Copper Mug, 128 Oz. - Item #3485H


This mug isn't just oversized, it's downright supersized!  Holding a whopping128 oz. (that's One Gallon), this massive "Mug" is made of nickel-lined solid copper, just like it's normal-sized Moscow Mule Mug brethren. 

Item #3485H

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  • This hand-hammered, 1 Gallon solid copper "mug" has so many uses: As a unique ice bucket, or a wine or champagne cooler.
  • Pair it with a set of "normal" sized Moscow Mule Mugs for a unique groomsmen's gift. 
  • Fill it with ice and use it to keep a bottle of vodka super cold for use in making Moscow Mules.  
  • It'll even accommodate a Quart of beer if you're so inclined.
  • Hand-hammered solid copper is lined with nickel and given a cast brass handle.  Tarnish-resistant lacquer means no polishing; It'll keep its bright finish.
  • Hand wash with cool soapy water and hand dry thoroughly for years to come.